China Electronics

Electronic business is one of the wildly competitive industries in the Asian markets. China being a leading marketer of electronics across the globe means that competition is rife among the different companies. It is very important that the marketers of the electronics in the Chinese market do their best to be able to attract consumers. Most of the electronics are home appliances, PC accessories entertainment gadgets and phones. It is then very important that the consumers are well equipped with the relevant knowledge if they are to buy the best products in the China wholesale electronic industry.

The electronics industry is highly concentrated in China’s southern Guangdong province, in the cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou in particular. That being said, components are manufactured worldwide, some by domestic manufacturers, with others being imported from suppliers in Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States.

Electronics manufacturers, regardless of product, are not all equals. The industry is crowded with everything from minor traders and agents to large scale manufacturers. The size of the average factory is smaller than what many importers assume. Many factories don’t consist of much more than two to three assembly lines, staffed by 50 to 100 workers. Electronics assembly is not necessarily rocket science, and most components and materials are purchased from subcontractors.

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The companies in this electronic market are hence required to be very accessible and competitive. Their attraction and advertisement techniques should stand out to ensure they continue to meet the standards of their clients. Most of the electronic companies have to ensure that they appease their consumer and client.

Since huge demand for all types of consumer electronics products, Many worldwide manufacturer started to enter the market to exploit their opportunities in order to make their economy growth. That why now a day’s consumer electronics products increase day by day with huge competition that force all manufacturer to update their device , new way to promote their products either with price or lots of offers to attract more customers in order to stable in competition market.

But still all business people should know that online marketplace now is in competition stage especially for local market. Some one might think what will be the best way then..? Let me share some ideas, Yes ! online market is the best way but you need to select the best one which can support your business both Domestic and international, in this case it will help you to target both domestic customers and international customers that will benefits more toward your business growth.

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Quality is very important when it comes to electronic appliances. The wholesale electronic companies should always ensure they sell quality goods to their clients. They should always strive to ensure their products are brand new and the logos are genuine and they don’t trade on counterfeit items. In case the clients want electronic they will be gladly know they are purchasing a genuine item. Electronics are very delicate items and hence the importance of having the genuine certified by the bureau of standards.

Whether it is fact or perception, there are a large number of consumers outside of China that look upon its goods and services as inferior. It isn’t helped that – up until now at least – that brands like Hisense, BenQ, TCL Electronics and Huawei have been priced at the lower end of the market. And let’s not also forget the big four in CE market in Australia – Panasonic, Sony, LG and Samsung (with Toshiba not too far behind) – have invested a lot of money in research and development and quality assurance so they have every intention of not only keeping market share, but making it as hard as possible for newbies to get a foot hold.

But that might all be about to change. The beginning of this decade has seen a virtual media blitz by Chinese CE companies – whether it be the Great Wall cars or Huawei handsets – that is starting to hit our shores. Just this week TCL announced that it was putting to market 4K televisions under the $5000 mark. Who are TCL? We had to look it up too, and were surprised to find that they claim to be the world’s third largest manufacturer of televisions. Having been founded in 1981 as at state-owned enterprise, the company has slowly started elbowing its way into western markets having been a big player in China. But quality assurance has been their main sticking point, compounded by the underlying corruption that is part of Chinese culture. A report in the Economist in 2009 pointed out that the biggest problem in China is what is called ‘quality fade’ within Chinese factories, which are producing products for western companies. Quality fade is whereby once a contract has been secured, the manufacturer will make a product to specifications but then try and cut costs in ways that can result in an inferior product. They’ll do this because the initial quote was to get the work, not make money. However, once they have the contract secured, they still need to make a dollar, thus the shortcuts and the inherent problems that arise when doing so.

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